*The interactive concept of Brain Ed (Hack the Brain 2015) will be presented at The Nacht van Kunst and Kennis / The Night of Art and Science in Leiden.

*The installation Cylinder_Rolling Stairs_Seesaw 3.0 is exhibited in Heerlen at the exhibition SPIELEREI at Schunck* until the end of November 2016.

*Van der Vlugt participated in Hack-the-Brain 2016 and this time her group won the prize “Insane-but-might-be-possible-in-the-near-future-award”   with the concept Second Brain.

*The Creative Industries Fund and The Amsterdam Fund had granted subsidy to make the installation Chair_Jump_Chute!

*Commisioned by Stichting Genees-Kunst Van der Vlugt presented the concept ‘Body_Screen’ at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. ‘Body_Screen’ is an interactive photoscreen, conceived in collaboration with patients who has been in isolation.

*In October Van der Vlugt gave a workshop to students of three Art Academies in Budapest. She also performed the interactive book presentation: Performance_as_Interface|Interface_as_Performance.

See video and more information.

*Van der Vlugt participated in ‘Hack the Brain’. The concept she worked on: Brain Ed won the first prize: three EEG headsets called ‘Muse’ to develop the ideas further.

*The book Performance_As_Interface | Interface_As_Performance will be

presented at the conference Play/Perform/Participate at the University of Utrecht!

  1. *At the Symposium Formidable | Fort Minable Van der Vlugt will present the outcome of the Winter Academy she gave, that was based on the principles behind the book Performance_as_Interface.

  1. *After attending the e-textile pressure cooker organised by STEIM, the results will be presented at the evening of 12th of October.

Watch the video

  1. *The installation CYLINDER_ROLLINGSTAIRS will be exhibited at Cinekid.

Van der Vlugt will also give a talk at the Professional Programme.

  1. *From January 2014 van de Vlugt is Artist-In-Residence at the University of the Arts Utrecht. More info soon!

  1. *The installation CYLINDER_ROLLINGSTAIRS_SEESAW is nominated for the innovative IPON Award 2014!

  1. *Van der Vlugt is one of the tutors of the interdisciplinary group of students of the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) and KMT, researching and working on the transmedial project NEW CATHEDRAL

  1. *Commissioned by the ‘Onderzoekslectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen’ she also continues to assemble an interactive book about her multi- disciplinary artistic work in the period 2006-2012.

*Van der Vlugt’s new performance ROLLING STAIRS was shown during TEKTOK in Het Paard in Den Hague, see pictures (for video click on TEKTOK):

And blog:

Article in: Dans Magazine

  1. *The interactive installation CYLINDER_ROLLINGSTAIRS_SEESAW had its television premiere last night; watch the programme on:   (scroll to 28.25 min)

The installion is developed during van der Vlugt’s residency at Waag Society and commisioned by Kennisnet and Waag Society.

The installation is permanently on exposition at ‘The Verdieping’ in Kennisnet. For more information:

*The performance installation WIGGLE is shown during Twee Turven Hoog festival !

*As a interaction designer and concept developer van de Vlugt is working on meSch: meSch is a 4-year EU funded project with the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites: curators will be able to offer visitors new interactive experiences by means of material interaction with smart objects.

*Van der Vlugt is one of the tutors of the interdisciplinary group of students of the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). Commisioned by Festival De Basis they create personal installations which will be exhibitioned in a huge shelter on the former military terrain. What do war and peace mean in 2013?

See for information:

*Part of the installation PPI 1-3 is shown during CINEDANCE Festival in EYE museum 1-3 March. Check the website:

  1. *Van der Vlugt is developing the performance installation REMIX which was presented at Festival Twee Turven Hoog. The interactive installation has a new name: WIGGLE and will have it first showings in Corrosia next week!

*Waag Society granted Van der Vlugt an Artist-in-Residence Position! She will be developing an experimental interactive installation for use in educational practices. Demo will be ready the end of July 2013.

  1. *The Internet Society nominated Marloeke van der Vlugt for an ISOC award in the category Internet and the Arts:

Click on the image above for the report of the jury

  1. *For the new Master of Arts In Performance Design (MAPD) Marloeke is coaching two projects:

-Ik Zie Je: een beeldende performance van Sandra Lange (7-9 december)

-OpMars: een transmediaal theaterproject van Bart Heijltjes en Roy van der Schilden (23 nov, 2, 10, 14 dec)

*For the performance 80 Words by Sarah van Lamsweerde, Marloeke did the scenograhpy and video set up.

  1. *10 Students of the Utrecht School of the Arts in collaboration with MAPLAB created the Mixed Reality Project ‘De Kapel’. Marloeke coached the artistic process.

*For Z33, House for contemporary Art van der Vlugt is invited to create the new interactive installation: PPI 1-3

Artikel SUPERBODIES in Etcetera



*’Series Patchmaker No. 1 Marloeke, 1971’

will be presented in Hasselt, Belgium during Superbodies, 3th Triennal of contemporary art, fashion and design.

* Scheduled Artist talks about DUETTEN and other works:

-27 mei: Camillo 2.0 / PSI: Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

-1-5 juni: Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam

-26 sep: VPT, Nieuwe de la Mar theater, Amsterdam

-6 okt: Frank Mohr Instituut, Groningen

-24 okt: Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam

-4 nov: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht

-14 nov: Theaterkritiek; Universiteit van Amsterdam

-2 dec: Cinedans, De Balie, Amsterdam

-16 jan 2012: CUE, Rotterdam

-23 feb: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht

*Van der Vlugt selected for Prague Quadrennial 2011

Marloeke van der Vlugt is one of the Dutch designers selected to present her work at the Prague Quadrennial from the 16th till the 26th of June 2011(together with Theun Mosk, Roos van Geffen en Lena Mueller).  It’s the second time Van der Vlugt contributes to this exhibition. In 2007 she was also invited to represent the Netherlands.

The Prague Quadrennial is the world wide theatre scenography exhibition. 

PQ 2011 will look at scenography as a discipline existing in-between the visual and the performing arts, which uses the best of both worlds, creating a dialogue between the two arts, a dialogue too often missed.

project: Looking For...

*Van der Vlugt will present her work at the Performance Studies International Congres Camillo 2.0: Technology, Memory, Experience 25- 29th of May 2011 in Utrecht

*Van der Vlugt is designing the multi disciplinary set and video for the performance DE KOENDERSTALENTEN/ Productiehuis Rotterdam.

*Series Patchmaker No. 1 ‘Marloeke, 1971will be performed again in Nimk programmed by Cinedans Festival: 11 en 12 december 2010. Zie:

  1. *Performing an Avatar: Second Life Onstage’ by Kaisu Koski about the performance AKI ANNE is published in:

Mapping Intermediality in Performance, edited by Sarah Bay-Cheng, Chiel Kattenbelt, Andy Lavender and Robin Nelson, Amsterdam University Press, 2011