PPI’s 1-3

prototyping of ‘non - wearables’

technique: Leo van der Veen, Tim van Elferen

Concept and prototypes for ‘physical phenomenological interfaces’ (PPI). In short PPI refers to fashionable body extensions that acknowledge human physicality (movement and touch) as ‘vocabulary’ for interaction. These interfaces are made to raise questions about the technological expansion and improvement of our body and our bodily functions as they generate and process information about the body with the sensitivity that our ‘normal senses’ can’t gather. PPI’s should be seen primarily as tools for thinking for the audience instead of finished products that work flawlessly. The devices developed evoke a bodily dialogue with the audiovisual samples. The digital samples thus become ‘alive’ and personalized, and advance the concept of the navigation of autobiographical remembrance.

Installation commisioned by SUPERBODIES